Final Expense Options


Simplified Issue

Immediate Benefit Solution

  • Ages 0 - 85
  • Endows at age 121
  • Face Amounts:
    • 0-55: $1K to $50K
    • 56-65: $1K to $40K
    • 66-75: $1K to $30K
    • 76-85: $1K margin: 0px auto;to $75K

10-Pay Solution

  • Ages 0-85
  • Endows at age 121
  • 10-pay product
  • Same Face Amounts as above

Easy Solution (Graded Benefit)

  • Ages 18 - 80
  • Face Amounts: $1K to $75K
  • Full Death Benefit immediately for accidental death, any other cause, death benefit limited to110% of premiums paid in the first 2 years

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United of Omaha

Simplified Issue W/L

Level Benefit Plan

  • Ages 45-85
  • Face amounts from $2,000 to $40,000
  • Accelerated Death benefit for terminal illness or nursing home confinement
  • Option: accidental death benefit rider

Graded Benefit Plan

  • Ages 45-80
  • Face amounts from $2,000 to $20,000
  • 2 year ROP plus 10 percent, then full benefit paid

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Fidelity Life

Simplified Issue

Rapid Decision Senior Life (Term or WL)

  • Ages 50-85
  • Guaranteed Level premiums and face amounts for the life of the policy
  • Cash value accumulation
  • Matures at age 121
  • Face Amounts:
    • 50-55: $10K - $150K
    • 56-65: $10K - $100K
    • 66-75: $10K - $50K
    • 76-85: $10K - $25K

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Guaranteed Issue Whole Life

Innovative Custom GIWL Features

  • If you get sick with a qualifying chronic illness and need to access a portion of your policy benefits early, our Chronic Illness rider is included with your policy at no additional charge.
  • If you become terminally ill and require access to your policy benefits, you are eligible to receive 50% of your death benefit thanks to the accelerated death benefit Terminal Illness Rider includedin your policy.
  • Each rider’s benefit can be used to help pay medical expenses, supplement income or for any other purpose. Remaining policy values will be paid to your beneficiaries at death.

Graded Death Benefit for GIWL

  • Rest assured, that if death occurs by accident, at any time, the full death benefit will be paid.
  • If death occurs during the first two policy years and is not an accidental death, the benefit paid will be 110% of premiums paid to date.
  • In the event of death after two years, the graded death benefit no longer applies and full death benefit is paid.

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