The Long Term Care Decision Journey

The LTC decision is not an easy one, but this should help.

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Most Americans plan carefully for their retirement...

But they overlook one of the greatest financial risks we all face as we age. That risk is the possible need for an extended nursing home stay or the need for continual care at home.

Most everyone has car & fire insurance.

But only one in 1200 homes catches fire, and one in 240 people use their car insurance. More than 50% of people over 65 will need long-term care. and most will receive their care at home.

Below is our Long Term Care Decision Tree

It was created as a discussion guide to help you and your client navigate through the planning process.

One important question to ask is:

"If, oneday you require extended health care, which of your assets or investments will you liquidate first in order to meet your ongoing expenses?"



Our most-requested LTC Marketing Piece, this will guide you through your next LTC planning discussion.

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