identity theft protection for small business

Did you know that 7% of Americans are victims of Identity theft every year.  Most likely those victims are employees of a small business and they will take 56+ working hours to fix their problem.  That is 56+ hours of lost productivity, paid for by the small business owner.

Why offer Group Identity Theft Protection to your Commercial Accounts?


Low Cost High Value Product

Group Identity Theft Protection plans have been around a while, but never before for small business.  Most people have looked into the cost of a personal plan, so the group rates will be suprising!

Cross Sell Opportunity

Help to further protect your Commerical clients, while also helping to increase your retention.  The more plans with you the more likely they are to stay!

Simple and Long Lasting

defend-id has made enrolling groups of any size (3+) as easy as 1.2.3  The plan can be set up in as little as 10 mins, and with the threat of Identity theft increasing every year, why would anyone ever cancel?

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