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Welcome to our webinar series presenting Sales Strategies and ideas to drive new client acquisition and spark renewed consideration for your existing clients.

Pat Swayne, CLU our Regional Sales Vice President will bring his extensive background in Advanced Sales right to your desktop. Be ready on the 1st Wednesday each month at 9:30 A.M. for another creative journey into business growth opportunities with Pat as your guide.



Demystifying Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Demyftifying IUL







10-10-10 Life insurance Strategy









Split-Dollar Life Insurance







IRA Strategies for Wealth Transfer








Recruit, Retain, Reward with an Executive Bonus Plan








The who, what, why and how of the Life Insurance Review Process

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A good Cover Letter will help move your business through the channels

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Using Life Insurance to Supplement Retirement Income








Consider Permanent Life Insurance












Welcome to our monthly webinar series presenting Sales Strategies and ideas to drive new client acquisition and renewed consideration for existing clients.


Join us on a journey through several strategies and sales ideas to consider when evaluating needs and wants and presenting Life Insurance options to your clients.


Most Americans plan carefully for their retirement, but overlook the greatest financial risk as we age. The possible need for an extended nursing home stay or for continual care at home.



You'll find these tools to be indispensible to a comprehensive needs determination and fact finding for the Disability Insurance evaluation and sales process.