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Term Life Insurance the way it should be: easy.

No hoops.  No Headaches.  Just Life Insurance.

Starting at $10/mo

Why Bestow?

Real Reviews from real Customers.

“Easy to use.  No one pressuring you, and the price is amazing.”


“Literally took me five minutes.  No invasive medical exams.  They just asked me a few questions, and I was covered.”


“So Easy!  I got my life insurance in less than 10 minutes with no needles!  Such an easy process!”


“While the future may be uncertain, we have the power to protect our family and property at a nominal cost – let’s take it.”

No Hoops.  No Headaches.  Just Life Insurance.

Life Insurance 101: Learn More about your options

Term Life Insurance:

Provides protection for a specific, limited amounts of time.

No cash value growth, but offers the lowest cost for the life insurance protection.

Perfect for temporary need of protection for temporary concerns, mortgage, children, college costs, etc.

Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance:

Provides protection for your life, usually to age 100 or 120.

Little to no cash value growth, but the death benefit will be there when you need it.

New Riders are available to accelerate the death benefit while you are alive to help with cost of Long Term Care, etc.

Cash Value Life Insurance:

Typically Whole life of Indexed Universale Life.

Whole Life provides a Guaranteed benefits, with the upside of cash value growth.  Highest cost of all life insurance options, but is the best of both worlds.

Indexed UL grows it’s cash value with its connection to an index, usually the S&P 500.  Lower cost than Whole Life, but you loose the guarantees.

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