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If you are new to group ID Theft Protection, or a seasoned Veteran; let defend-id provide you with the easiest & fastest way to enroll ALL your groups with this valuable and affordable benefit.

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Partnering with defend-id provides you with a co-branded enrollment portal to easily enroll your groups, or even allow your groups to enroll themselves!

Why defend-id?

– Small to Medium Group focus, available down to as few as 3 lives

– Seamless and efficient enrollment process

– The easiest way to offer group identity theft protection to your clients!

Why offer Identity Theft Protection?

With Cybercrime and identity fraud hitting records highs, your clients and their employees are looking for help, but dont know where to turn.  Group Identity theft protection provides your clients and their employess some Peace of Mind, knowing that help is there when then need it.  

Why defend-id?

We built our process from the ground up with you and your clients in mind.  We wanted all businesses, not just the fortue 500 companies, to be able to provide this valuable and requested benefit to their employees.  We specialize in small to medium businesses just like you do!


Expand your Offerings

Based on a 2021 survey, 78% of employers are expected to offer identity protection to their employees.  Working with defend-id offers you the fastest and easist way to help your clients looking for this coverage.


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