Do-it-Once E-Contracting

Online or on Paper

Contracting used to be a tedious process.

Not any more! Now you do the paperwork once and you’re done. We will process appointments with additional carriers for you.

Use the submission method below that you are most comfortable with. Questions? Call: 860-693-8031

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1. The online Submission Process (recommended):
The easiest way is online through SuranceBay (View How-to Video Below)
Then “SignUp Online” (laptop or desktop)

2. The Manual Submission Process: Click below to open the fillable form.

Fillable PDF Sign Up >>

  • FAX completed forms, a copy of your E&O and a voided check to 860.693.4547, or use our Secure Document Upload to better protect your privacy.
  • We will complete the process on our end for appointment to carriers needed
  • Upon appointment with a carrier you will receive an email, Simply confirm the accuracy of carrier forms.


That’s it, you’re done, and you won’t have to do it again!


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