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Is insurance part of your financial plan?

Term Life insurance – a smart addition to a financial plan

Life insurance is more than a ‘nice-to-have.’  It’s part of sound financial planning – a smart money move, just like saving for retirement.  Adding term life insurance to your long-term plan can help set your family up for financial resiliency.

Should I get disability insurance?

What’s your most important asset? Your home? Your car? Your 401(k) or brokerage account? Actually, your most important asset is your ability to earn an income.  Having six months of income in a savings account is recommended by just about every financial planner. It’s great to have if the car needs expensive repairs or the air conditioning system has to be replaced. But, it takes a very large safety net to meet the basic needs of a family for an extended period of time. Disability insurance is that safety net many people need.

Why Simple Online Insurance?


Policies are provided by an A+ rated Carrier



Quote in seconds.  Application done in minutes.  No Hassles.

100% Online

From application to approval, 100% online.  

Take your plan with you

Unlike employer-provided policies, this plan is with you no matter where you work and even if you change jobs

Traditional Insurance Options

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