Thompson Agency’s Turn-Key Partnership Program

Partnering with you to offer Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Annuities & Disability insurance to YOUR clients.


How can you help your clients with additional protections while still focusing on your business?

Our Goal

To help further protect your clients, increase your retention, and increase your revenues by cross selling Life Insurance, Long Term Care, and more, without the worry of what happens when your client says YES.

Our Strategy

We offer two levels of Partnership so we can best fit your situation and desire, however with either option you will be listed on the application with a generous commission split.  By splitting the case on the application this establishes you as a writing agent and provides you direct access to the carrier for future customer service.  These are your clients, We want to keep it that way!

1. Full Turn Key Partnership – requires proactive marketing to increase cross sale opportunities.  Monthly partnership calls with our team are also required to make adjustments and provide updates to our partnership to help increase cross sales opportunites.

– Commission Split of 75% to you, 25% for our team

2. Referral Partnership– if you would rather NOT proactively cross sell, but still want our help when your clients ask about Life Insurance, etc, we are happy to help.  There are no requirements for this type of setup.

– Commission Split of 60% to you, 40% for our team.



available licensed experts on our team

Years in Business

Let us be an extension of your business

As your partner, we can offer your clients any of the products we offer, but will only offer what you want us to.  No unwanted cross-selling, or selling of information.

What We Promise

Below are some of the reasons partnering with The Thompson Agency can be a good fit

Flexible partnership contract

Your agreement with us does not require any business minimums, nor do we require that you send us all your business.  Our partnership means we will be here to help with any cases/clients you want us to, but you are free to continue to write the business yourself as well.

Premium Customer Service

As a Wholesale brokerage, we work directly with the carriers not only as the agent but also as the GA.  We, therefore, have better Carrier access to new business teams and underwriters which can be an advantage in the underwriting process.

Policy Reviews

Many of your clients may have purchased a policy before starting to work with you.  Let us help review the policies they have active now, to see if that is enough.  We will not oversell your clients if they have their needs covered.

Marketing Resources

Writing the business on your behalf is only half the story.  We will also work with you to create marketing materials and questionnaires to increase awareness of the other insurance plans we can help your clients with.

Custom Partnership Webpage

Customized Partnership webpage that provides information to your clients and an easy want to reach out to Thompson Agency either through a contact form or by booking a phone call with our team.

Low Rates & Best Quality

We only represent the best carriers available, and with those options, we are confident that in most instances we can find the right carrier and product for your client.

Our Team of Experts


Dianne Chambers

Life Insurance Sales

Dianne Chambers has lived in CT all her life.  She has been married for over 36 years and has twin sons. Dianne has been with the Thompson agency for 41 years and has worked with insurance carriers all that time.   Working in different roles throughout her tenure, her favorite role thus far is helping clients obtain the best life insurance product that meets their needs.  Dianne has become our in-house term Life insurance sales expert and would be your primary resource for Simple term life sales.

Patrick Swayne

Vice President - Sales

Patrick Swayne has been involved in the life insurance industry since 2005.  Patrick has been a lifelong resident of Newington, CT, and has worked with both clients and advisors during his career.  Whether it is helping a new family acquire term insurance to help replace lost income, or helping wealthy clients acquire coverage to cover estate taxes, Patrick understands the importance and value that insurance can provide.  He has been with The Thompson Agency since 2016 and fully enjoys supporting his agents in whatever capacity is most beneficial.

Peter Zinnen


Peter Zinnen has been in the life insurance field since 2005.  Born and raised in Connecticut, Peter has spent the last 17 years helping clients across the country find the best Insurance products to fit their needs.  Peter lost his father back in 2004 and therefore understands the importance of life insurance to the surviving family.  With knowledge and experience in all the available insurance options, Peter is excited to be working with us and helping you and your family.  Peter is available for advanced life insurance sales, as well as our other products including Long Term Care, Disability, and Annuities.

Put You & Your Clients in Good Hands

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