Identity Theft Protection for Your Employees & their Families

Identity theft has a long-lasting financial and emotional impact on victims.  Give your employees the valuable benefit of Peace of Mind with identity theft protection.

"Peace of Mind with a Place to Turn"

The defend-id Difference

Built for Small Business.  We offer protection to businesses of 3 or more employees.

defend-id offers the first & only fully digital enrollment process.  Set up and protected in a matter of minutes.

Top Tier cost-conscious products with the best recovery team on the market.  See how affordable this valuable protection can be.

Emotional Impact

In today’s digitalized world it has become increasingly difficult to focus on running your business while having happy and productive employees.

Now is the time to empower your employees against Identity Theft.

Company Impact of Identity Theft

As an employer, you’re constantly looking for ways to differentiate and increase the security of your organization. defend-id provides an employee benefit that goes beyond healthcare and retirement planning.  Show that you value your employees by offering them services that helps better protect their identities and monitor their credit. These services, in turn, will help to increase employee retention and productivity while decreasing turnover.