Advertising for Life insurance is becoming more common.  This is a good thing for all of us, but it leads clients down a confusing path.  Are online life insurance plans less expensive?   The answer is no.  Online life insurance quotes are the same pricing that any independent life insurance agent can offer.  There is not special discount for online agents, the pricing for life insurance products are set and approved by State insurance departments. 

But, can a certain national online life insurance retailer really help you “save up to 70% on your term life policy…”  The answer to this question, is more difficult.  They may be able to save you 70%, but what are they comparing it to?  All term life insurance companies have different products, with different features.  Saying they are saving you 70% off term insurance, is the same as me selling a Hyundai and saying it is 70% off, compared to a Mercedes.  Without a point of reference, its just a marketing strategy.

Your independent agent, whether they are a P&C agent, a Benefit broker, a Carrier Life insurance agent, or even your financial planner.  They all have access to the same national Carriers with the same pricing as the big guys you hear about on the radio.  The difference the personal touch that you can have with such an important decision.  The lowest cost is not always the best fit for you and your family.  When is the last time you went shopping and said, just give me the cheapest one?  Let us guide you to one of our trusted advisors that can explain your options!