Nationwide has been a staple of the LTC industry for nearly 25 years and their CareMatters Hybrid product has had great success helping clients plan and protect themselves from a long term health care event.

Recently Nationwide has introduced an update to their CareMatters product called, CareMatters Together. This is the first joint hybrid indemnity plan on the market. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Cost-effective benefit coverage for 2 people – in most cases the second to die life insurance benefits provides the same coverage for less than separate policies.
  2. Flexible, shared pool of benefits – 1 large pool of money provides both clients with access to the funds. Provides more flexibility if 1 clients needs care for longer.
  3. Cash Indemnity benefits – no need to submit receipts, and anyone including family members can provide care.
  4. Potential tax advantages: separately identifiable LTC and life insurance premiums – The LTC premium may be eligible for a tax deduction.
  5. Retroactive payment of LTC benefits after meeting the elimination period
  6. Extended premium payment options – Depending on the age of the clients, premiums can be paid as a single premium, 5-pay, 10-pay, 20-pay, or to age 100.
  7. Streamlined underwriting process – No paramed exam, short application and interview to get started.
  8. Guaranteed Residual death benefit – Even if all LTC benefits are paid out, a 10% residual death benefit is paid to the beneficiary upon the second death.

If you have a couple that are interested in planning for Long Term care using a hybrid plan, we now have a quality product that is easy to understand and provides a cost savings vs two individual policies.

Learn more by downloading Nationwide’s “Why CareMatters Together” piece.

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